Are you interested in getting a citizenship European visa?

We are individuals from Greece and we promote a real estate opportunity for people who want to come and invest in Greece.
You get the benefit of a citizenship by using the Investment Programs of Europe when you invest in real estate and be rewarded with a Europe visa.

Quiet resort suburb by the sea

Quiet but not away from busy touristic sties, like the city of Kiato, known from the accent time as an agricultural and commercial centre in Northern Peloponnese, only two(2) miles away from the complex.
Of course super markets, coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries and utility shops are in walking distance form the complex.
The location of the complex is in a suburb of Athens, a quiet place a few meters from a nearly private beach, where you can leave your umbrella and chair through the day without worry, ideal case of houses for sale to invest.

The suburban train connects this resort place to Athens main airport (El.Venizelos)  in one hour and half (1,5).
Located 68 miles far from Athens and 69 miles far from Patras (the Greek port gate to Italy), a distance covered in 1 hour by car from both directions, which is excellent for someone who looks for migration visa in Europe.

Invest on property for sale

All in the same complex.

The prices of our offer are very competitive the tax is not 24% but 3%  (critical if you are interested for houses for sale in Greece).
Good for group of investors who are interested for immigration by investing cheap in Europe and want to be staying close to each other in the same complex.
Suburb and country side in one.

Nearby Facilities

Combines the sea and mountain access

The region of northern Peloponnesos, where our complex is, has plenty of different interesting site for a visitor to see.
Our beach is 50 meters from the house and has splendid, clear water and plenty of space to put your umbrella.
Find out some of a number of choice you can visit starting from the place of the complex.

Management Services

Custom plans of managing

Management of the property is a convenient service for owners who don’t want to be there for serving it.
This place is a resort ideal for holidays but also for permanent use.
Friendly way of arranging all cases concerning the property.
Control means no worry for the owner.


Any question?

If you decide to contact we will be happy to provide details about each residence and discuss more options like the management of the place or the process of getting a citizenship visa for Europe.

Optional 24x7 administration

We have a plan for maintenance, cleaning, security of the premises but also room service facilities for those who want to have short term guests in the apartments and not just buy home for sale.


Very competitive prices.
This offer is special 24% less than normal prices due to exclusion of the VAT regulation.

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