Peloponnesos is a place of grate variety of landscapes and plenty of points of interest for a visitor who looks for history, agriculture, gastronomy, seaside activities or even mountain climb and snow skiing.
Particularly the northern part, where we have our complex, due to the position close to the capital of the country (Athens), is a mixture of a suburb of a big city and a remote countryside resort.


The region of northern Peloponnesos, where our complex is, has plenty of different interesting site for a visitor to see.

Ancient temples and theatres, castles like the Acropolis of Corinth, the famous Isthmus or canal of Corinth or the ancient port of Heraion are some of many historical sights attracting a grate number of visitors every year.

The spa town of Loutraki with excellent quality of hot healing springs and a modern casino is only 30 minutes away. The famous lake of Vouliagmeni is a water ski resort with beautiful beaches and small restaurants around it can be visited for a small day excursion.

Famous vineyard place for it’s wines is Nemea and all the highland villages of Corinthia where you can be in less than 30 minutes and enjoy good traditional food and wine in really low prices. But also in the mountains of Corinthia during winter months you can find ski and snow resorts for spending weekends there.

Exceptional products of Corinthia like olive oil, dark resign grape, lemons, oranges, tangerines, apricots, red wine like ‘Ageotrgitiko’ can be found in all the small places selling local products and restaurants where they prepare with traditional recipes their dishes.

It is a ideal destination for religious tourism where orthodoxes can find historical places with well preserved churches and points of warship.


Any question?

If you decide to contact we will be happy to provide details about each residence and discuss more options like the management of the place or the process of getting a citizenship visa for Europe.

Optional 24x7 administration

We have a plan for maintenance, cleaning, security of the premises but also room service facilities for those who want to have short term guests in the apartments and not just buy home for sale.


Very competitive prices.
This offer is special 24% less than normal prices due to exclusion of the VAT regulation.

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