Management of the property is a convenient service for owners who want to invest for Visa in a European country by buying a house and renting it for a long or short term basis and don’t want to be there for serving it.

The fact that the place is a resort where people come in summer for their vacation plus the advantage of being so close to the capital of Greece (Athens), makes this property for sale in Greece ideal for holidays but also for permanent use.


Like all things a home has certain needs that should be met like cleaning, security, the mail, payments of bills, possibly care for hosting visitors etc.
It can be a relief if the owner knows and trusts someone who can be responsible an take care of the management of all the obligations a property has.
We are in the position to provide all the necessary service and give report to the owners of each of our residence and guarantee that everything will work without any surprises.
There is also a number of promotional packages for the best possible marketing of each property offered for Europe Golden Visa for renting it or accepting Airbnb visitors.


Any question?

If you decide to contact we will be happy to provide details about each residence and discuss more options like the management of the place or the process of getting a citizenship visa for Europe.

Optional 24x7 administration

We have a plan for maintenance, cleaning, security of the premises but also room service facilities for those who want to have short term guests in the apartments and not just buy home for sale.


Very competitive prices.
This offer is special 24% less than normal prices due to exclusion of the VAT regulation.

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